About Us

Anytime Taxi's model is based on a simple question: Where do other transportation services fall short? Based on our team's own experiences with taxis, we all had input on where this age-old service could improve. Ash Anand, owner and CEO of the Lotus Group, has done a lot of traveling in his life time and he wants his newest business venture to provide everything he himself would want in a cab.

SAFETY-Perhaps the number one thing that customers are looking for while traveling is the assurance that they will be in good hands as a passenger. Anytime Taxi has two vital parts of their operation that ensure our riders are as safe as can be; we hire qualified drivers and house quality vehicles. Our drivers must agree to a background check, have clean licenses, and have good character references. Our cabs are newer models than riders may be used to, and we strive to provide a vehicle that our customers themselves would own.

CLEANLINESS-Just because you aren't driving yourself to your destination doesn't mean you should have to settle for anything less than your standards. Anytime Taxi sets themselves apart by providing clients with clean, hygienic, odor-free vehicles. We want our customers to be comfortable and at ease during their ride, and that means making sure our cabs are of the highest quality inside and out.

EFFICIENCY: We don't want our riders waiting hours on end to get where they need to go; taking a cab should be a quick, reliable option to get to a destination. In order to make sure customers aren't waiting an unreasonable amount of time, we have stations in the Northern and Southern parts of Warren County. Our Anytime Taxi App (coming soon) will also allow riders to track when their cab will arrive, avoiding countless calls back and forth to the dispatcher.

AFFORDABILITY: We at Anytime Taxi know we aren't the first cab company in the region, but we want to be the best. Part of becoming a customer's number one choice is ensuring that prices are fair and reasonable, and we intend to do just that. Our rates are competitive and budget-friendly because we have two stations to reach you from. If a guest calls from North Creek, they won't be waiting on or paying for a cab from Glens Falls. This  model makes rates easy and economical, every time and every ride.

Have a way we can improve our service? Anytime Taxi is always looking for suggestions to make our company YOUR transportation of choice. Please email us at info@anytimetaxicabs.com or call 518-478-8069 to chat about your ideas!